Last weekend we held two workshops at our new location in Collegeville, Pa.   The first of the weekend being our beginners photography workshop.   It was a great start to our 2012 workshops.

We only offer 13 seats in our photography workshops.  Our goal with these workshops is not to get as many people as we possibly can to sign up.  We want each person to leave feeling  that they’ve learned a lot and at the end of the day,  feel much more confident than they did when they walked through the door 4 hours earlier.

Our next workshop will be held on Saturday, Feb. 25th.  There are 5 seats available in this upcoming workshop.  If you’re interested in signing up, contact me.  Our next workshop date is expected to be in late spring, early summer, actual date tbd.

Also a big thank you to our models.  If you are interested in modeling in one of our upcoming workshops please contact us and I’ll give you information on our participating workshop modeling program.

Happy Thursday (it’s almost Friday)!





3 responses to “M2’s January 28th Beginners Photography Workshop”

  1. tree foster says:

    Just want to say a few words about Michal and Melissa’s workshops….They are amazing…from the minute I walked in their house I felt like an old friend. They are a warm and inviting couple who listened to all our questions, we all had different cameras and they were extremely knowledgeable on all the different functions and models of our cameras. The workbooks we worked with explained the basics of the most important aspects of shooting great pictures. The second part of our class was a hands on in the field, all of us using our cameras and actually taking what we learned and putting it into practice. It was truly amazing and I left feeling like I had many more friends than I came with! Thanks Michael and Melissa!

  2. Joan Kinniry says:

    Michael & Melissa,
    I would like to thank you for doing such a great job teaching the Beginner DSLR Photography class. Your teaching was so engaging and you were so patient with all of my questions! Having the lessons put right to use during the live model shoot really helped me understand the technical content. I am extremely happy with everything that was covered and happier still to be shooting in MANUAL. It exceeded my expectations.

  3. Michael and Melissa,

    You both make an amazing team! The workshop was so wonderful. The environment and the mood was relaxed and you were ready with a great structured lesson with a powerpoint to follow. All the information from the powerpoint that you printed in the booklet was great, it was nice to be able to jot down notes, and to already have the information on paper that you were telling us out loud (otherwise it would have been too much to scribble down to remember!). The booklet is a great resource. The best part after you laid down the foundation of the knowledge we needed, you took us right outside to practice on real people! It was the perfect segue because we had both of you cycling through the group to answer all of our questions as they raised from the situation. The workshop is great for those just getting their DSLR, giving knowledge, practice, and an expert hand. Thank you!

    Caitlin Dombkowski

    Ps. The food was delicious 🙂

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