This workshop marks the end of our winter workshops.  It’s been cold and especially windy!  With that being said, I can finally say, we have our dates picked for our spring and summer workshops!!  Ahhh warm temperatures!

We had a great class, with some really great students.  Thank you everyone for enduring the wind!  If anyone of our students would like to send us some images for critiquing, please send!

We will be having 2 new workshops on Saturday May 12th and Sunday July 22nd.  We’ll be having our DSLR workshop as well as finally our first official editing workshop.  If you are interested, reach out to me.  Seats are limited in both.  12 available seats in our DSLR workshop and only 8 available seats in our editing workshop.  For more information on our DSLR workshops, check out our workshops page.  Email me for more information on our editing workshop.  Updates are being made to our website for the workshops, but in the meantime, feel free to contact me!


I switched things up a bit for this workshop.  I didn’t make cupcakes, but made these yummy chocolate pretzel treats.  Michael’s sister Jen gave me the recipe, which was pretty easy, but they turned out so good!!  They were a hit, you couldn’t help put grab a handful (or a couple handfuls)!  Thanks Jen!

Thank you Doug and Lauren for being awesome models!

The wind was brutal and after an hour, forced us inside for the remaining part of the workshop.

I was waiting for someone to do this, I just didn’t realize Russ would be the first to do it!  Haha!

On that note…. HAPPY FRIDAY!


Check back again in a few hours with a our latest engagement session!



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