When we first talked with Ayse & Eric about their engagement shoot there was one place that came to mind first, The Cove in Media, Pennsylvania. This location had such character and could help create an exciting adventure engagement session! Between the eclectic graffiti and the rushing waters, it was definitely the perfect spot! Though they are adventurous people, we weren’t sure they would be up for it, but we knew we had to suggest it. It’s not every day you have a couple agreeing to jump in a swimming hole for their engagement shoot. Don’t worry, we personally made sure that the swimming hole was deep enough and safe.

We started off by trekking through the paths full of greenery before coming upon the graffiti-covered tunnel we had been so excited about. I will say, it wasn’t easy to find. We basically followed the directions we found on YouTube. When we did find it, what we found was the perfect setting for intimacy and wonder. Who knew those things could be elevated by some graffiti? After some time there we continued our hike to the large areas of water resembling swimming holes. A large watering hole and a tunnel, make for the BEST cliff jumping experience…and that’s exactly what they did! Jumping into the water and relaxing, while spending some quality time together. As the photographers photographing this experience for them, it was really beautiful to see how they leaned and trusted each other through this experience. It was like we were watching a beautiful partnership shedding a new layer together. The adrenaline and chemistry between them after the jump was magical.

What also makes us continue to offer adventure type sessions to couples is the feedback we get from them after the experience. We dive deep y’all (pun intended) and we get to the heartstrings of relationships. Days after the shoot, Ayse had sent us this in an email. “Eric and I were both a bit nervous before the shoot, it was an intimidating thought to have so much attention on us, but now we have such a better understanding of how we create magic together, so kudos for that too”. Receiving this kind of feedback confirms that we are offering something special.

Dive into Ayse & Eric’s love story as they jump off cliffs and explore graffiti-covered tunnels through their exciting adventure engagement session. Also, check out Phillymag’s article about our Adventure Shoots!

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