All of our weddings have a special place in our hearts, but this wedding in particular is rather close to our heart.  It’s family.  We were sad that we physically couldn’t be a part of this wedding as Michael and I were already booked, but we are super excited that they still decided to work with our associate photographers.  It’s almost like we were there (in spirit) 🙂   Perhaps you remember them from their apocalyptic engagement shoot.  Yeah, shooting in that storm, wasn’t our smartest decision ever, BUT, the photos came out cool!

So Michael has twelve siblings (Yeah…pick your jaw up off the ground, it’s true!).  He also happens to have like a thousand cousins, give or take a few ;).  Andrew is one of them!  We can’t even express how happy and excited we are for them.  We witnessed how adorable they are during their engagement shoot.  I NEVER would have imagined Michael’s cousin to be so cute and cuddly with Lauren, especially in front of us…no offense Andrew ;0) We’re family…and well you’re a guy, showing emotion doesn’t always come easy for your kind, lol.

Below are images from Andrew & Lauren’s wedding!


I guess you had to be there….I have no idea what is going on, haha.

Seriously, how adorable is she?  God…love her!

The drawing pose.  So fun!  Andrew is an incredibly talented artist! He is also part a partner of a non-profit art school.  He’s pretty fab.

Congrats Andrew & Lauren, we are so happy for you!  We can’t wait to come visit your new house and have a dinner date!

To see more of their wedding, check out their slideshow!

Happy Friday!! Wooohoo!



Wedding details

Venue: Merion Tribute House

Photographers: M2 Photography


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