Sometimes as a photographer you can’t help yourself when you see an opportunity for a picture.  Yesterday, myself and the girls went for a walk while at Nana & Pappaps.  I knew I wouldn’t see them for a while since Melissa and I are leaving for Portland tomorrow, so I thought it would be nice.  So about seeing opportunities.. I saw this little spot that would be perfect for a portrait of the girls.  Even though the girls weren’t interested, I still made them stand in that spot.

I know I’m annoying sometimes girls.  When you read this, hopefully you’ll understand that I can’t help myself.  I love you, but because your my daughters, you have to put up with me.

So this week’s picture is that picture.  I’m not sure if you can tell my their face, but they’re SO EXCITED!!!  Haha.  I still love this picture.  Their body language is great together.  They did that all themselves.  I also love their outfits.  If you know Ava & Bella’s style, you’ll notice that they switched for this picture.  Why?  I don’t know, they’re 5, why do they do half the stuff they do?

This picture was taken 7/21/2012 @9:46am.

P.S. Ava & Bella, this will only get worse as you get older, so brace yourselves.


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