Just like that, it’s back to school.  Summers over and it’s probably been like 2 summers since I’ve written a post, haha.

This has become one of those things I think about often but it slips away before I take action til the next day when I think about it again.  I’m writing now because for the first time in 12 years, I missed taking a photo of Ava & Bella one day.  I wasn’t even away from the girls when it happened.

When I first realized it, I was sick to my stomach.  It was like I was on this great journey with a paved path.  Then I looked to the left for a second and when I looked back, there was a huge mountain in front of me with no way around.  Like whoa.

It was really upsetting at first.  Like I didn’t know if I should stand up or sit down upsetting.  Then my default of fast forwarding time and looking back kicked in.  I saw this mountain as a little hill that wasn’t all that important.  Will it be weird when I have my show and there’s a missing spot of one photo?  Uhh, yeah and maybe there will be more than one when its all said and done.  Just 6 more years to go though so who knows.

So why am I sharing this?  To encourage you to travel to the future when you’re facing something you’re not happy about.  Then look back and see how you’ll see and feel about the situation.  Then adopt that mentality now and move one.  You could be dealing with a client email, a fight with a loved one, that dude who cut you off on the road (the one with the aftermarket exhaust that makes his car sound like it has bad gas) or having an 18yr project “ruined” in one day.  It’s OK.  Most things that people get upset these days aren’t important.  That happens when we live in this society where all of our basic needs are met and our mind needs things to freak out about.

Do I still have a photo of every other day of my children’s lives?  Yeah.  Are their lives pretty well documented?  Uh, yeah.  For being so absent-minded (right Melissa?) about so many other things, I’m surprised I made it this far.

These photos below are from our trip to Canada in August. The trip was just awesome and I love traveling with these love bugs so much. Find more photos from this trip on IG! #bammcanada

9/8/19 @ 7:47pm
9/12/19 @ 4:43pm

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