This little family is sure to melt your heart.   I feel like this week is the perfect time to blog about our shoot with the Comly’s.  After the events that happened last week and going through these images, I cannot be more grateful for what we do.  We’ve been documenting the Comly’s for the last few years and it’s been such a joy to see them grow (physically and in numbers).   What started out as a family of 3 is now a family of 4.  You may remember Audrey, she’s hard to forget.  You may remember her from our baby fever post and then again a year later. Whenever I see her, she fill our hearts with joy.   Audrey is now a big sister to Helen.  Helen looks much like Audrey.   She never cried and all she did was smile.

This is why we love lifestyle photography so much.  Sure, I still respect the traditional style shots of families, and for some that will always be their style.  However, that is not our style.  Our style is organic and it’s fresh.  It’s what’s happening in your every day life.  Time goes by so quickly and it’s easy to forget how things were.  Lifestyle photography is meant to help you remember those moments and emotions.  We’ve been documenting our girls since they were born and now, they are 5.  Some days I can’t remember what it was like when they were 6 months old.  All I need to do is look at the pictures from that age and I remember not only how they looked, but I remember what I was feeling at that exact time in my life.  That is the power of photography.  Something I will forever cherish.

As Audrey and Helen get older, the phases will change, and we hope that with our photos,  Mom and Dad can remember their babies as they were and remember how they were as a family in this particular moment in time.  That is our goal.







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