A wedding
without our cameras

For the first time as a family we got to go to a wedding.  About time!  Took 8 years!

Melissa’s cousin, Mandy, got married.  Melissa was a bridesmaid and the girls were flower girls.  They all looked unbelievably beautiful!  And we had the best time!  We definitely tore up the dance floor.  So much so that Bella even got tired!  She’s one of the most energetic kids in the history of energetic kids.

I know for some people something like this probably isn’t that interesting or special.  And definitely not “blog worthy”.  But for me, this is what life is all about.  Spending time with loved ones.  Being present.  Dancing like a fool.  Attacking the girls with hug traps. (its when you go up to someone from behind and surprise hug them)  So damn fun.

So as you’d expect, todays picture is of my lovely ladies.  We took a few pre wedding pictures before leaving our camera in the car for the day.

This image was taken September 26th, 2015 @ 2:25pm.


The AB Project

The AB Project

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