This past Wednesday was the girl’s first day of school.  Kindergarten.  The decision was made to separate them which was a harder on Melissa than myself.  It’s been really exciting to go through this as a parent.  I’m proud of Ava & Bella!  Unless they get held back of course.

As expected, Melissa cried most of the morning.  I have pictures to prove it too!  It wasn’t until about an hour later, after they boarded the bus, that it hit me.  They’re now in school.  First, yay.. they’re going to get a good(?) education.  Second, they’re becoming more independent and we aren’t their world anymore.  I’m excited to see them develope.  I hope we succeed in helping them becoming strong minded and soft hearted little ladies who do what they want, not what they’re expected to do.  Woah, lets not get too deep here.

Today’s image was taken August 29th, 2012 @ 12:18pm.  Minutes before the bus arrived.  I asked, “Girls, how do you feel about going to your first day of school?”

They responded…


5 responses to “1st day of school”

  1. Kathleen Schmidt (Joe's mom and Melissa's mom-in-law from Bartram's Garden. says:

    I am not certain if you are familiar with the blog, The Hands Free Mama ( The author of the site posts absolutely beautiful stories and thoughts about raising children in today’s world. While reading the stories I thought of you and Melissa and knew that you would enjoy reading the stories too. Kindergarten is wonderful, I spent 10 years there (as a teacher haha). I hope that your daughters have a magical year!

  2. Bruce Guzy says:

    How adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Olivia says:

    This picture is too cute!! Good luck with the new school year! What school are they going to?

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